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Agora Makers focuses on the design and manufacture of street furniture and lighting.

It is an exceptional group of renowned brands such as GHM, Eclatec, Metalco, Bellitalia, CityDesign and My Equilibria, joining forces to redefine spaces for the public.
We embody excellence and innovation. We are committed to creating functional, aesthetic, and sustainable public spaces, helping to improve the quality of life of citizens around the world.

Our shared vision is to create environments where aesthetics meets functionality, where innovation meets sustainability. Agora Makers brings together exceptional talents to shape a more enjoyable, sustainable and inspiring urban world.
Explore our site to discover how Agora Makers is redefining public space, creating unique experiences that reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation and collective well-being.

Welcome to the world of Agora Makers, where every detail counts in building a bright urban future.

Places for the people

Projet Eclatec coeur de ville Nancy

Our mission

Our main mission is to imagine innovative lighting solutions and create high-quality products designed to improve urban spaces while offering an aesthetic and functional experience.

Our goal is to meet the needs of municipalities, town planners and architects by combining design, sustainability, and performance. The Agora Makers Group aims to contribute to the creation of safer, more sustainable urban environments through solutions tailored to the specific uses of different urban areas.






Different countries

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Our Brands

Founded in 1837, GHM is Europe’s largest art foundry. The company has mastered urban space and its applications in both urban and rural contexts, using a creative and reasoned approach. With the EPV label, the company has a rich history of prestigious and contemporary heritage projects in France and abroad.

Setting & lighting

ECLATEC has excelled in street lighting since 1927, offering customized solutions that combine functionality, durability and aesthetics for safer, more attractive urban spaces, while integrating energy-efficient technologies for welcoming, intelligent cities.

Street lighting

Agora Connect, an Eclatec brand, excels in its expertise in implementing intelligent lighting solutions. Its personalized service and technical know-how offer customized, innovative and economical solutions to the specific needs of local authorities.


Metalco’s passion for street furniture sets it apart in the design of products of exceptional quality, combining aesthetics, functionality and durability. Its attention to detail and use of high-quality materials enhance spaces for the public

Urban furniture

Bellitalia stands out for its commitment to combining aesthetics, innovation and sustainability in street furniture. Its technical mastery of fibre-reinforced concrete, its attention to detail, and its desire to improve public spaces reflect the excellence of its Italian signature.

Ultratense concrete furniture

CityDesign excels in urban planning, creating functional and innovative environments to improve quality of life. Working closely with communities, it designs sustainable furniture solutions that encourage community development.

Urban furniture

My Equilibria combines art, technology and well-being to create unique exercise environments. The company offers innovative outdoor and digital fitness solutions that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sport & Fitness

Outerra stands out for its exceptional combination of sophisticated design, high-quality materials and functional innovation, creating elegant and practical outdoor kitchen spaces.

Cooking & living solutions

Les fontes d’art de Dommartin is unique thanks to its centuries-old craft tradition, producing exceptional cast-iron works of art of timeless beauty. Their commitment to authenticity and quality makes them sought-after works of art.

Gardens & private houses

Our References

Nogent sur marne, France


Macon, France

street lights on a street at night

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sunset in Dubai with a Ferris wheel in the background

Champs Elysées, Paris, France

A lamppost on the Champs Elysees

Margaret Drive, Singapore

S-shaped bench

Lavena Ponte Tresa, Italy

Uniquely designed deck chair with mountainous landscape

Tramway Ouargla, Algeria

a tramway station in Algerie

Miami Beach, USA

Sports sculpture with a woman doing sports

Nancy Thermal, France

One place ahead of Nancy Thermal

Ra Anana, Israel

seats with a unique yellow design

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bench with a building in the background and a beach


Night cycle path

Wallace Fountain

A Wallace fountain in front of a window

Bandol, France

space blooms with trees and benches

Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands

commercial zone


bike rack with a bridge in the background

Metro Guimard, Paris, France

Metro entrance at Guimard

Maroussi Municipality, Greece

2 people sitting on a uniquely designed bench

Metro Marc Aurel, Paris, France

Metro entrance at Aurel

Cheval à la herse, Orsay Museum, Paris

statue of horse near the museum d'orsay in paris, france

The Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

Alexandre III Bridge Paris

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